Our team

From financial & investment advice and financing to heir research and estate administration, our team comprises experienced certified banking specialists, judicial officers, legal experts qualified to act as probate judges in estate matters in Baden-Württemberg and banking business administration graduates.

Founded 170 years ago, Hoerner Bank AG remains a well-established and internationally renowned institution. We owe this to the many employees who have always kept – and continue to keep – their finger on the pulse. Together they have successfully maintained the company’s successful course despite numerous obstacles along the way.

This cannot be taken for granted. Particularly in a private bank, the commitment and expertise of each and every individual is of utmost importance.

That’s why, with us, you are in the best of hands.
Our advisors are not bound by any specifications that take precedence over the customer’s individual requirements. They are free to apply their knowledge and ability in full, facing new challenges every day to find creative solutions for our customers.

We place high value on maintaining this freedom for our employees.
Why? Because this strategy is extremely promising.
Success – as defined by you!