Hoerner Bank AG

With us, you remain financially independent and free to make all decisions
The foundations for today’s Hoerner Bank AG were actually already laid in the year 1849 – 170 years ago – with the establishment of an “Agency for Emigrants to America”. The company has evolved in many ways over the decades, surviving financial crises and even world wars with aplomb. We owe this to the many generations of employees who have always kept – and continue to keep – their finger on the pulse and have maintained the company’s successful course against all odds.

Today we are more than just a renowned private bank – we are also one of the longest-established and largest heir search firms in Germany. Furthermore, we are one of the leading players in this field on the international stage.


Private bank

We are a traditional private bank that provides consultation and support in the areas of financial and investment advice, wealth management and financing. This is where our independence guarantees you straightforward and goal-oriented cooperation tailored to your individual requirements.
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Heir research

We enjoy a first-class reputation in the field of probate research, both domestically and abroad. And this is with good reason: It is a core aspect of our work and is particularly close to our hearts. Our services are retained, for example by probate judges, to find the unknown surviving relatives of a decedent. We conduct this search with the assistance of our global network, ensuring these persons receive their rightful inheritance.
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Estate administration

Our professional services extend further than just searching for and locating unknown heirs. Our decades of experience and expertise are also at your disposal when the heirs are already known – we can manage and settle the inheritance for you, as your committed partner.
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