German/international heir research

From generation to generation, that’s our tradition

In our company, heir research is guided by a significant, emotional consideration: It is important to us that an estate can stay within the family and that the rightful heirs are found. Our many decades of experience in this area confirm this approach.

This not only makes us a reliable partner but also one of the largest and oldest heir search firms in Germany.

Furthermore, we count as one of the major players in this field worldwide.

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What is heir research?
If a person dies without leaving a last will and testament then legal succession applies. This means that there are clear regulations to determine the inheritance due to relatives of the decedent.

However, it is not always evident exactly who the deceased’s next of kin are. Often the family relationships – and therefore the line of succession – are only partially known, if at all. When this is the case, we conduct searches within Germany and abroad to ensure that heirs receive their rightful inheritance.

Who employs our services?
We usually act on behalf of

  • Probate courts and judicial estate administrators
  • Executors of wills
  • Known heirs where succession is only partially resolved

What does heir research cost?
Heir research is basically free of charge for the case originator. It is only once an heir has been found that we agree a fee with that person. Depending on the degree of difficulty of a particular case, this fee is between 20 and 25% of the net inheritance for German estate matters and around 33% for foreign estate matters (plus VAT).

It is of great importance to us that an heir is not required to make any payments in advance in order to receive his or her inheritance. This is why we cover all of the costs incurred for research in advance and only charge the agreed fee upon distribution of the inheritance. If no heirs can be found, we bear all costs ourselves.

Any questions?

Our teams of experts, when it comes to searching and finding heirs in Germany or, when it comes to searching and finding heirs abroad, are available to assist and advise you in the area of heir research.