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The death of someone close to us is one of life’s exceptional events. The loss itself and the change resulting from a relative’s passing can have a firm hold on us. But unfortunately there are also various matters that must be taken care of during this mourning period.

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One of these tasks is tackling the inheritance left by your late relative. You probably cannot or do not wish to even think about this yet. However, at some point questions will arise, such as the following:

  • What should happen to the household inventory?
  • Where can I obtain the certificates required for the proceedings for the issuance of a certificate of heirship?
  • Who will organize the sale of estate assets and property?
  • What about communities of heirs?
  • How can I wind up an estate located far away from my residence or even abroad?

We would be happy to assist you in finding answers to these and other questions. With a great deal of understanding for your situation, we can relieve you of some of the burden at this difficult time by taking on the financial settlement of the estate.


Have you perhaps already thought about who should take care of the financial settlement of your estate and carry out your last wishes after you pass away? Is this a task that you cannot ask of your heirs or do not wish them to perform? Maybe you just want to be sure that your heirs will actually comply with your requirements (e.g. maintenance of the grave) or fulfill your legacies (e.g. payment of monies to specific persons)? If so, you should opt for execution of your will.

We have decades of experience in settling estates. And as an independent third party, we could be appointed in your last will and testament to act as executor. We would then ensure that your last wishes are carried out and administer and/or settle the estate in a professional manner – as we have already done for communities of heirs numerous times before.

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